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"Law on Foundation, Coordination and Duties of Development Agencies" numbered 5449 was passed on 25th January 2006; TR21 (Tekirdağ, Edirne, Kırklareli provinces) Regional Development Agency was founded with Tekirdağ as its center by the Decree of Council of Ministers dated 14.07.2009 and numbered 2009/15236 about the Foundation of Development Agencies in some Level 2 Regions and it was published in the Official Gazette dated 25.07.2009 and numbered 27299. The First Development Committee meeting was held on 26.08.2009.

The ultimate goal of Trakya Development Agency is to undertake very important roles in the creation of local development strategies by using its qualified personnel, a flexible source and employment structure as well as the administrative, financial and technical supports it provides for institutions, enterprises and persons for the utmost benefit from the opportunities by encouraging the participation of primarily entrepreneurs and all stakeholders to its development attempts and fending off the threats arising from globalization. The potential of the region will be activated in cooperation with the Regional Development Strategy by support with the projects and activities undertaken by local players or funds to be provided from national sources or from the EU in the form of grants.

The fundamental goals of the Agency are increasing the attraction of the region by bringing forward economic and social potential and promoting the region both nationwide and internationally; supporting activities towards increasing production and employment in the region; and analysis and development of human resources capacity.

The Agency, which will support preparation of regional strategies, undertakes roles such as encouraging and developing entrepreneurship; supporting rural and local development activities; developing cooperation between public and private organizations and NGOs. Along with the foregoing, the Agency, which will also promote work and investment opportunities of the region, aims to follow and conclude permission and license processes of investors centrally. The Agency, which will also accomplish intermediary and coordination tasks in using EU funds and international funds, works in the areas of both research and database creation and also monitoring and data evaluation.

As a result, Trakya Development Agency will contribute to improving primarily employment and income distribution, as well as economic and social indices in both national and also regional-local levels, decreasing interregional and regional development differences and therefore increasing the overall wealth of the country and the reinforcement of nationwide stability.

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