Planning, Programming and Coordination Unit is charged with conducting research to boost competitiveness and socio-economic development of the region, drafting plans and programs on a regional scale using participatory approach, building capacity for joint action with regional, national and international institutions. PPCU has 2 duties with regards to fiscal management of the Agency:
1) Designing framework, duration and financial limits for grant support in accordance with the regional plan prepared by Trakya Development Agency.
2) Managing allocation of resources in the annual workplan.

Based on regional statistical data and local participatory approach, in line with the 10th Development Plan prepared by the Ministry of Development, PPCU has designed the “2014-2023 Regional Economic Plan” document, which serves as the reference for public sector investment, as well as grant priorities set by the Agency. Below link provides 21 strategic priorities and targets set forth in the document.

Regional Plan in a NutshellTenth Development Plan
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