Regional Plan in a Nutshell

Vision: A region within the framework of sustainable development perspective, environment-friendly, competitive on a global scale


Human and society

Life and environment

Production and economy

1- Development of innovation capacity in the region through improved education infrastructure

2-Enhancement of the culture of cooperation and social solidarity

3-Development of entrepreneurial culture

4-Improvement of qualities factoring in employment

5-Enabling provision of effective social services. Figthing against poverty

6-Improvement of accesibility and effectiveness of public services

7-Ensuring spatial and functional integration between settlements across the region

8-Improvement of life standards

9-Preservation of natural resources, ensuring sustainable management thereof

10-Ensuring effective disaster management

11-Preservation and improvement of historical and cultural assets

12-Enabling transformation to a high value-added economy

13-Improvement of industrial infrastructure critical for environment-friendly production

14-Development of integrated and cooperative mode of production

15-Development of institutional capacity for SMEs

16-Enabling diversification and high added-value production in agriculture

17-Establishment of the region as the logistics hub of Southeastern Europe through infrastructure and investment

18-Enabling sustainable tourism growth through regional collaboration

19-Taking steps towards efficient energy production and consumption

20-Effective promotion of investment opportunities and facilitating procedures

21-Building institutional capacity for enterprises in terms of international integration

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