Şarköy, Where the Sea Meets with Wine

Şarköy is a nominee to be a touristic resort with its blue-flagged sea, and famous grapes and wine production in Mürefte. The current status of Şarköy, which draws many domestic tourists from Istanbul and Thrace, is far below its potential. Factors that adversely affect Şarköy's tourism potential are the crowded buildings in the town without any architectural beauty, failure of enterprises in giving services to reach the quality of their counterparts in the Aegean and Mediterranean Regions, inadequate promotion of wines made from Mürefte vineyards, and an insufficient service approach to Uçmakdere, which is a suitable place for paragliding.

Even though Şarköy has the opportunity to be eminent in tourism, it is not behind the neighboring settlements in terms of agriculture and husbandry. The most important industrial product of the town is wine. Winemaking in this area dates back to very old times. However, a large portion of wines produced in Şarköy are sold under the brand of wine companies located in other parts of Turkey; and failure in branding in winemaking also causes great losses from Şarköy's potential earnings.

The development of Şarköy, which is located on the Istanbul-Çanakkale highway depends on rational usage of the wine-tourism-agriculture trio. Furthermore, that Şarköy also has appropriate courses for trekking besides paragliding, wind surfing and swimming creates a significant advantage in terms of tourism.

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