Saray, Agricultural Town Where the Ergene River Arises

The Ergene River, which is one of the most important surface water sources in Thrace, arises in the south of the Yıldız mountain range located within the boundaries of the town of Saray. It is the only area where the Ergene flows clean. Black pine forests, being a gateway to the Black Sea and fertile farmland make it a woodland and agricultural town. At the same time, its proximity to Çorlu and Tekirdağ caused the building of some industry in the town.

The town of Saray is an unexplored touristic heaven with stone age remnants, the protected area of Kastro, a coastal line where green and blue embrace each other, the Yıldız Mountains, black pine trees and other historical and natural beauties, but unfortunately it has too small a number of visitors and does not have environmental arrangements.

The closeness of the town to Istanbul is among the significant advantages that has to be turned into a benefit. That the students of the Vocational School located in the town reside in Istanbul and commute to school from there gives one of the most important clues that may be used to ensure the development of the town.

Along with the development of an industry which will not create pollution, Saray's development depends on improving the agriculture and tourism in the town.

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