Malkara, Pioneer Town in Husbandry and Food Industry with Traces of Nomadic Tradition

Malkara is a settlement where Turkish nomads were settled in the Ottoman period, ahi-order culture rooted and which has always been a pioneer in agriculture and husbandry on its fertile farmlands. Beside agricultural production, milk and dairy products, the food industry and farming equipment manufacturing are important sources of income of the town.

Fertility of its land is above Turkey’s average, which provides important advantages in the mentioned industries. An Organized Industrial Zone located in the town was designed as a place which is specialized in the food industry and which has a cluster structure; however, as the expected interest was not created, it was agreed that this place should be turned into a general Organized Industrial Zone.

Malkara is one of the most important places in the Region that have a say in milk and dairy products. Although there are a lot of firms in this field, it can be seen that branding could not be achieved entirely in Malkara.

Promotion of the town which is located on Istanbul-Çanakkale highway may quicken its development. Furthermore, works carried out by irrigation unions to commence irrigated farming in Malkara have vital potential to contribute in the added value which the area achieves from agriculture.


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