Hayrabolu, Center of the Farming Equipment Industry

Besides having intensive agricultural production which is a general characteristic in Thrace, Hayrabolu could also manage to have a place in the farming equipment market. Two large companies and many SMEs are racing in the world markets in farming machinery.

The farming equipment industry is directly affected by the agriculture sector. The incentives and supports implemented by the state in agriculture determine the direction of this sector, also along with agriculture. Exporter manufacturers require foreign trade consultancy in this respect.

The most important gridlock of the sector, on the other hand, is failure to attract qualified personnel to Hayrabolu to employ in the sector. The number of engineers that worked long-term in many of the companies including large ones is very small. Another obstacle is that although the companies need R&D for the production of innovative machinery, they do not have this unit.

The great majority of Hayrabolu residents get their income from agriculture and husbandry in addition to the farming equipment sector. In the town where the average income is relatively higher, one can say that social life has not developed adequately.

Another value of Hayrabolu is the Hayrabolu cheese dessert which has gastronomic features. The dessert which is renowned in Thrace could not be promoted adequately nationwide. Confused with kemalpasha sweet by many people, cheese dessert has an appetizing appearance and taste when decorated with tahini and walnut.

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