Çorlu, Capital of Thracian Industry

With its rich groundwaters and empty territories allocated for industry, it is an area where primarily chemical, leather and textile factories are concentrated. Though the recent stagnation in these sectors caused many factories to shut down, one can claim that these are still the prevailing sectors.

With a fifty percent rate of occupation, Çorlu Organized Leather Industry Zone has a potential to host more enterprises.

Similar to that of Çerkezköy, its industry has surpassed the tourism and cultural potentials of the area. The city center looks like some of the districts of Istanbul such as Bayrampaşa and Esenler.

Although it is a large industrial area, inadequate development of social life causes the majority of the residents to prefer Istanbul during weekends and in holidays. This situation brings forth problems in the provision of qualified staff to be recruited in the industry. Nevertheless, this problem is not felt very much in Çorlu and Çerkezköy compared to Lüleburgaz and other industrial areas in Thrace due to their proximity to Istanbul.

With its potential to accommodate more industry and people, Çorlu is a large industrial center and is predicted to grow larger. The town which will probably host a larger population in the future has important needs in subjects such as, besides building more houses, planned urbanization and the development of physical and social infrastructure.

What is expected from Çorlu is its being a modern city that uses state-of-the-art technology and produces goods with higher added value.

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