Çerkezköy, Town Drifted by Industry

Çerkezköy is a nominee town to become a metropolitan city with its industrial appearance as a result of the expanding industry in Istanbul. From an agricultural town densely populated by the Thracians prior to industrialization, like other Thracian settlements, it is rapidly moving towards becoming a metropolitan city which accommodates workers from other parts of Turkey living together.

Although it reflects traditional Thracian features, intensive industrial production suppresses all other characteristics. A change in the population of the town is observed on the basis of progressions or regressions in industrial production. While groups including foreigners migrate to the town during growth periods, the population drops sharply when factories are closed down in regression periods.

The capability of people from different places living together in Çerkezköy has a significant contribution to Thrace's peaceful atmosphere and serves as a good example for the development of social peace in Turkey.

Another exemplary feature of the town is the high rate of participation of local entities in works to understand the deficiencies in the social and physical structures of Çerkezköy and volunteering of the town’s residents for such works.

Though the history of the town dates back to very old times, the composition of the town's appearance by industry suppresses the town's touristic identity. The development of Çerkezköy is subject to physical, financial and social opportunities that will allow the development of the town's industrial areas and decreasing the damages on the environment caused by the industry. Decreasing the damages caused on the environment is very crucial not only for Çerkezköy, which is the starting point of pollution in the Ergene River, but also for the entire Thrace.

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