Vize, Ephesus in Thrace with Ancient Agora Ruins

Vize is a settlement where history and nature meet with the ancient agora, the Kıyıköy coastal line which is not completely explored yet along the Black Sea. Vize applied to be a Cittaslow with unpolluted nature and tranquil air and in a short time it became the second important town in Turkey that was granted this title after Seferhisar. Great efforts of the municipality, other public institutions and the towns’ residents constitute a significant advantage to development of Vize.

In the town where agriculture and husbandry are important sources of income, newly started tourism ventures around Kıyıköy also play an important role in terms of socioeconomic development Unpolluted nature in Vize also allows for organic agriculture.

Financing new projects in the town by external sources through local attempts, its festival which is held regularly every year, works carried out by institutions towards promotion of the values of the town and the ancient site excavation in the town which is still going on have caused important changes in the appearance of the town. Hagia Sophia Church, an important ancient theater renowned in Turkish Thrace, rock-cut churches, a monastery, Thracian tumuli, fortress walls, fountains, uncontaminated streams and forests make the town a candidate as a tourism destination at least as mush as Ephesus’ Ancient Site.

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