Pınarhisar, Town on Sultans´ Road That Raised Intellectuals

Taken from Byzantines in the reign of Murat I and founded within the walls of the fortress which was again taken from them, the town is  on the route followed by Suleiman the Magnificent during his 1st Vienna campaign and raised many poets, doctors and bureaucrats. It is rumored that the town was present during the times of the Ancient Greeks; it is a cultural treasure with its historical ruins and natural beauties.

Kaynarca Plain within the borders of the town which was also renowned in the ancient times as a center where paddy, the best rice is produced. A great part of the towns’ residents make their living from agriculture.

In and around the town. Road signs of the Sultans' Road were put in place recently; long walks starting from Europe and passing through Pınarhisar are being arranged to draw attention to this road.

In this settlement where nature, history and agriculture prevail, the development of tourism and increasing agricultural production will accelerate the development of the town.

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