Pehlivanköy, Green town by the Ergene River

Pehlivanköy is an agricultural city founded on the banks of the Ergene River. The town which was founded by the Thracians has become an important agricultural center thanks to the opportunities provided by the river. Wetlands contributed to the development of rice production in the town. Ovine and bovine farming in the towns of Kırklareli are the important sources of income.

Pehlivanköy has generally the same problems that exist in other settlemtents in Thrace. However, the most important of them all is the pollution in the Ergene River which flows through the center of the town. This situation has a great adverse impact on the agricultural production, social life and therefore development of the city. Cleaning the river will provide significant contribution to the development of the town.

Pehlivanköy has a history that dates back to very early periods. Inadequate protection of historical places and lack of an environmental plan around them are important reasons lying under the lack of interest not shown to these assets. Accommodating many ruins and stories from the Thracians to the Ottomans, the town has the potential to be a stopover in Thrace for tourists although it is not a tourism center.

The livestock market held in the month of September and which has a background of over 100 years, its historical plane tree and the Hıdrellez spring festival which is regularly held every year are the traditions of Pehlivanköy. 

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