Lüleburgaz, Kırklareli Head Office of Industrial Trio

The town is the last important point of the intense industrial zone on the D-100 Highway axis in Thrace. It is a settlement with intense industrial production from companies, the majority of which have their head offices in Istanbul and where important pharmaceutical companies carry out production and employees are mostly recruited in industry. Its social life which is relatively more developed, its shopping centers and employment opportunities are the reasons why people in the vicinity migrate to Lüleburgaz. It can be comfortably concluded that Lüleburgaz is the second center of the province after Kırklareli city center.

Lüleburgaz's demographic structure mostly consists of industrial workers due to its intense industry. As it is a place where people from various places in Anatolia are living, it has a cosmopolitan structure.

A great part of the workers coming to the area from Thrace are people who have difficulty making their living from agriculture and who are carried over to this industrial area by commuting service cars. Traffic is very heavy during the working hours of service cars.

Lüleburgazspor, town's soccer team, is one of the most successful teams in the region. Among the teams in the Region, Lüleburgazspor is entitled to play in the highest league in Turkey where soccer is the most important sports activity.

Improving Lüleburgaz's current features such as being a central settlement and industrial zone will accelerate the town's development. This applies to building and maintaining the infrastructure and the urban culture of the town.

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