Kofçaz, Turkish Town with the Smallest Population in the Istranca Mountains

With a population of nearly 700, Kofçaz is a town with the smallest population in Turkey. The city center which is half an hour drive away from Kırklareli city center is located in the middle of a woodland at some 700 meters altitude in the Istranca mountains. With its small streams, trees and all natural assets in the vicinity, Kofçaz is a complete mountain settlement. There are only a few visitors coming to the town which has limited economic activities.

How long the history of Kofçaz, which has very few visitors, dates back is not known. Having faced invasions from Bulgaria and Greece in recent history, the town finally remained as a settlement on the Turkish border with Bulgaria. Although it is located by the sea, as it is in the woodland and tranquil, it is a potential shelter for those who wish to get away from the noise of the city at weekends. Forest products are also among important sources of income.

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