Demirköy, Forest Town in Istranca Mountains

Demirköy is a green settlemtent with a small population in the Istranca, or Yıldız, mountain range at some 400 m altitude, which tourists trying to go to natural beauties of the Black Sea coast or the Longoz forests have to visit.

Located inside a large forest area, Demirköy's most important income sources are forest products and agricultural production. There is significant distance to cover in issues such as the protection of woodlands to collect and market wild forest products.

A person visiting Demirköy can feel the tranquility in the town and the relaxing clean nature at once, but there are almost no facilities in the town center which is a compulsory route to go to İğneada; shopkeepers in the town center mostly offer services according to the demands of the villagers visiting the town market.

 Another important natural asset of Demirköy is İğneada county. İğneada is a settlement on the Black Sea coast which is suitable for marine tourism and the motto "Embracement of Green and Yellow" used for the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean is appropriate for this place. Though there is one five-star hotel in İğneada, it is almost impossible to find a social facility to dine except for the butchers and a couple of restaurants. Despite this, you can immediately understand how high the quality of husbandry is in the area by tasting a meat product you will select in a butcher and cook right away in the villages of Demirköy and İğneada.

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