Babaeski, Town in the Middle of Ergene Plain

The town of Babaeski is a settlement, the entire terrain of which lies on a plain, where agricultural production is intense. It also hosts a small manufacturing industry.

Its closeness to Lüleburgaz, one of the largest towns in Thrace, resulted in a relation for Babaeski similar to that between Thrace Region and Istanbul. Babaeski can be considered as a relatively developed town. Nevertheless, the townspeople's visiting Lüleburgaz for shopping, working and for some other works shows the interaction between these two towns.

The area surrounding of the town of Babaeski is less contaminated, which is not affected by the Ergene River plus it reflects the tranquility of Thrace. The town has low traffic density outside of the working hours of transportation services, providing commuting for workers between Babaeski and Lüleburgaz.

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