Uzunköprü, The Town with World´s Longest Stone Bridge

Although Uzunköprü has the second largest population among the towns of Edirne after Keşan, it is a town that accommodates the agriculture-based social structure as well as other features of Thrace. Uzunköprü is named after the bridge at the entrance of the town. The Ergene River has made significant contributions in the historical development of the town. Founded on the banks of the river during the Ottoman period, the town has followed a development process parallel to the contributions of the River in agriculture and the town.

 The most important problem of Uzunköprü is pollution in the Ergene River. Contamination in this river which arises in the Yıldız Mountain range, cuts through Thrace horizontally and joins the Maritsa River before it pours into the Aegean Sea, adversely affects agricultural production, economic activities and therefore social life of the town. Prevention of pollution and decreasing the damage caused by pollution will provide great contributions in the economic and social vitality increase in the settlements in the Ergene River basin.

Uzunköprü is a center located in the middle of the towns of Lalapaşa, Süloğlu and Meriç and is the most preferred town by the people in these towns after Edirne. Its third largest population after Edirne city and Keşan and its economic vitality are the most important indicators of this status.

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