Süloğlu, The Town with Four Hills

Similar to the towns of Lalapaşa and Meriç, Süloğlu is also a town close to Edirne city center, the economic life of which is significantly shaped by agriculture and husbandry; and again, despite having a historical heritage, it is a town which could not benefit from this, short of social and economical infrastructures and has a small population. It can be observed that the town is relatively advantageous due to its husbandry and dairy production.

Almost all of the people living in the town are involved win agriculture and husbandry. Also, activation of the Edirne Organized Industrial Zone which was established in 1994 within the boundaries of the town of Süloğlu will start bringing demands to the area and provide alternative employment fields for the people of the Region.

There are challenges in the town's opening to tourism due to the relatively underdeveloped socioeconomic level of life and failure of the townspeople to speak up on this issue despite tourism potential offered by the historical, cultural and natural assets of Süloğlu and similar towns.

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