Meriç, The Town Irrigated by the Maritsa River

The economic life of Meriç, which is a town close to Edirne city center, is based on agriculture and husbandry. With similar characteristics with Lalapaşa, the town is located on the Maritsa River. Having remained under the invasion of Greece a couple of times before 1930, the town was split from Uzunköprü after this date and was made a county with a municipality.

The most interesting fact about the town is its continuous emigration. Even today, students of Meriç Academy in the town center prefer commuting from Uzunköprü instead of staying in the town. The first thing which may catch a foreigner's eye is the small number of restaurants, cafés and facilities, and even the tea houses in the center which indeed draw significant demand in rural areas.

Another problem for Meriç is the great damage to the settlements and farmland along the Maritsa River caused by floods. Transportation difficulty is a long-term challenge in areas which suffer floods in some periods of the year.


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