Lalapaşa, an Agricultural Center That Hosted Princes

Lalapaşa is a town 27 km away from Edirne. The town is surrounded by Bulgaria to the north and west, Süloğlu town to the east and Edirne city to the south.

The surface area of the town which is 27 km far from Edirne is 536,788 decares and its altitude is 72 m. The terrain of the town is generally flat except the rough Balkan (border) parts. The tops of the hills have saber-toothed granites formed as a result of erosion.

Streams which are fed by winter precipitation pour into the Tundzha River. Although there are many small streams in the town, it does not have any significant rivers.

The town has a typical land climate. Annual precipitation in the town is 350-450 mm.

The area of the town is also a border zone. 55,455 meters of Turkish-Bulgarian border lie in Lalapaşa territory.

The Edirne-Lalapaşa-Hamzabeyli border state highways pass through the boundaries of the town.

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