Keşan, Projection of Thracian Towns

It is a town that hosts different and peacefully living ethnic structures in Thrace, in the middle of farmlands between the towns of Malkara, Ipsala and Enez. It is a settlement to which people bound to Enez and Saros have to visit and which reflects the average characteristics of Thrace Region. Upon the gathering of people who drifted away from agriculture, Keşan has become a town with the largest population in Edirne province.

Keşan is a transition point between the Gulf of Saros and the rest of Thrace Region.

Located in the geographical and cultural center of the area where the towns of Ipsala, Malkara and Enez are located, it has the quality of a central town thanks to such a position. Socioeconomic development of the town should therefore be built up on this reality. The town exhibits characteristics which can represent the statistical average of other settlements in Thrace.

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