Ipsala, Where the Maritsa and Rice Meet

Ipsala is a town located on the Ipsala Plain on the Turkish-Greek border which constitutes a part of the Maritsa Plain and has a border gate; the town is on fertile farmland. Therefore, the greatest share belongs to the Maritsa and Ergene Rivers. Building embankments along the riverbank of the Maritsa in 1960's turned Ipsala into an area with wetlands for agriculture.

Rice is an agricultural product which has important nutritional value. A very high consumption rate of rice especially in the eastern societies increases its economic value. A great majority of Asian countries apply quantitative and qualitative productive programs to improve rice yields in their respective countries. Rice is one of the economic and most valuable products raised in Thrace Region. Though the town is specialized in paddy production, taking measures to improve paddy clustering will provide significant economic contribution. And even though Ipsala has a higher income level compared to other towns in the area, it is struggling with problems such as urbanization and environmental issues.

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