Havsa, a Plain Town in Edirne

Havsa is a small town very close to Edirne whose means of living is agriculture. The town has a very old history, so it is possible to see mosques, hospices, baths and caravanserais or ruins of the same inherited from the Ottomans. Some of the old buildings have vanished completely. The area of Havsa is in fertile farmland also known as the Ottoman Plain. Furthermore, Havsa has the potential to be a key role in the transportation of agricultural products since it is located on the D-100 Highway, or the road that connects the Kapıkule border gate and Istanbul. Cold-storage warehouses to be established in the town for logistic purposes as well as establishing other relevant buildings and institutions will add to the development of the town.

Besides fertile farmland, fruit growing, which has been developing in the area recently, is a new agriculture field which will be productive for the town. Two fundamental problems related to fruit growing are lack of human resources in the town and its vicinity to recruit in fruit growing and a lack of adequate cold-storage warehouse capacity that will support fruit growing in the town.

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