Enez, Capital of Saros

Enez, is a wonderful settlement near the border with Greece, just adjacent to the Gulf of Saros, the most beautiful part of the Aegean Sea, with its crystal clear waters and unique natural beauties. The history of Enez, which has such natural advantages and beauties, is estimated to date back to 4000 B.C. In each period in history, the town had been an important city for a civilization. It is one of the most important settlements in the coast of the Gulf of Saros. The Gulf of Saros is a heaven on earth that cleans itself naturally, hosts rich aquatic life and allows for many marine sports such as diving and swimming.

Although Enez has a sea, a historical and nature tourism potential at least equal to those of touristic places in the Aegean Region, many people in Turkey even do not know its whereabouts yet. Despite the fact that the majority of tourists visiting Enez are domestic ones, tourism areas in Greece just across the sea are at the service of international tourism. There is not an adequate number of facilities in Enez and around Gulf of Saros in general. The Region must be opened to tourism in accordance with a sustainable and responsible tourism approach in the name of protecting natural beauties. In Enez, where a large section has been declared a natural/archeological protected area, recent permission given to unsustainable buildings that can cause great damage to nature pose a significant danger.


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