Trakya Region

Located in the westernmost corner of Turkey along the borders with Bulgaria and Greece, which are EU members, the TR21 Trakya Region consists of Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ provinces. Along with hosting the highway passages between Turkey and Europe, the fact that a vast majority of the people of the Region are immigrants from Balkan Countries settled in the Region has made the Trakya Region not only a physical, but also a cultural and social transition point.

A large portion of Thracian land is used as cultivation land. The most important means of livelihood in Edirne and Kırklareli provinces are agriculture and the agriculture industry. In Tekirdağ province, which has an intense industrial production, a great part of the people living especially in the inland and western parts deal with work based on agriculture. Industrial dwellings starting from Sakarya and Kocaeli provinces in the east extend to Çorlu and Çerkezköy towns of Tekirdağ and Lüleburgaz of Kırklareli in Thrace. With the industry intensified around D-100 Highway and large agricultural lands, the Region presents a dual structure. This dual structure shapes the social life along with production.

The region with its historical, cultural and natural assets is one of the most significant parts of Turkey. Edirne, which had been the capital city of the Ottoman Empire from 1365 to the conquest of Istanbul (1453), is a city that maintains both physical and cultural traces of the Ottoman period and also a modern life with the oldest university in the Region concurrently. Lying along the Black Sea coast, Kırklareli province has unique natural assets in places such as the Longoz forests, Dupnisa Cave, İğneada, Kıyıköy along with Demirköy where the cannons used by Fatih in the conquest of Istanbul were cast. Perinthos, the capital of Trakya during the Roman period, currently Tekirdağ, where the Hungarian king Rakoczi spent his years in exile, is a province with high potential thanks to its authentic culture and beauties.

Besides being a pioneer region in transition to modern cultivation from conventional agricultural society, Trakya  Region is also source of inspiration for other regions with its fast-moving industry, and its changing economic and social face. Two organized industrial zones (OIZ) in Çorlu and Çerkezköy and the European Free Trade Zone in Çorlu are leading the task of attracting significant investments to the Region thanks to their developed infrastructures. High occupancy rates in these areas constitute an important advantage for the name of the Region in terms of attracting new investments. Environmental pollution sourcing from the intense industry scattered around the D-100 Highway axis in addition to these zones with developed infrastructure appears to be one of the important issues in the Region. However, the Renovation Organized Industry Zones which are underway recently have the potential to be a significant resolution to provide a common infrastructure for these scattered industrial zones.

Quickly increasing industrial investments in Trakya Region and shifting some of the industrial sectors in Istanbul to our Region cause the industry to exert great pressure on the Region, particularly on agricultural production. This development, which has been bringing forth important social consequences appears to cause population migration from intensive farming areas to industrial areas along with starting migration movements into the Region from outside. Unsatisfactory income of a population living in agricultural areas from farming can turn these people into unqualified employees in the industrial sector.

Trakya Region is a region which is suitable for both industrial development and also agricultural production in terms of its human capital and natural resources.  However, at the heart of problems arising in the Region lies the failure of these two sectors to display a harmonious development, instead, a continuing uncontrolled increase in the industry especially as of the 1980's.

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