Neighbors of Trakya

Trakya Region is an area in the northwest of Turkey surrounded by the Istanbul metropolitan city in the east, the Black Sea in the north, the Marmara Sea in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west with borders with Greece and Bulgaria.



Trakya is the only region that has coasts on all these three seas. This has presented advantages for the Region for many areas. Though this advantage has turned into a small disadvantage because of the marine pollution in the Marmara Sea, the virgin Black Sea coasts and the Gulf of Saros create great opportunities for the Region.



Trakya 's most important neighbor, the metropolitan city of Istanbul is a great advantage for Trakya ; however, sometimes it can be a very big threat. For Trakya it is not possible to be not affected by the expansion impacts and structural transformation of Istanbul.



As Bulgaria and Greece lying along our western border are the home of many relatives of the people of the Region, they have an important place in the hearts of Thracians. Besides our ties of affection, EU membership of these two countries has also made Trakya the Turkey-EU border. These countries establish contact between Turkey (or Asia, in a broader sense) and Europe through Trakya .

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