Demography of Trakya Region

In general, Trakya Region has a slightly higher average than Turkey's average age. In Thrace, where the dependency rate is around 28%, the population below 25 years of age is approximately 52%, which is in line with the dynamics of Turkey and it also indicates that Thrace has a young population. The emigrating populations of Edirne and Kırklareli provinces of the Region post 1990's and immigration to Tekirdağ are gradually fading. Emigration rates in Edirne and Kırklareli have decreased considerably and the status of letting immigrants into Tekirdağ is directly related to the amount of industrial production in the Region. A decrease in the industrial production was observed during economic crisis periods. Subject to this, one may conclude that immigration to Tekirdağ also decreased.


The average annual population increase in Thrace is nearly 2%. A gradually accelerating shift from agricultural production to industrial production increases the population of the Region and migration to cities and towns from rural areas. This impact was observed until 2000. The Economic crisis in the year 2000 and the demographic movement of deterritorialized people in the Region increased the intraregional migration. A population increase rate of approximately 2% in the 2000-2010 period shows that the Region has a steady demographic structure. Higher participation of youths in education is an exemption to this stability. Intraregional migration, migration from outside the Region and population rates of city centers and rural areas follow a more steady course compared to the period before 2000.


Two thirds of the population live in town and city centers and one third live in rural areas. While this rate was half and half during the 1990's, a population flow into town and city centers has been observed.

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