Development Commission

Trakya Development Agency Development Commission is an advisory commission working to develop the cooperation between the public institutions and enterprises, private sector, non-governmental organizations, universities and local managements in the region and to direct the Agency. The Commission selects a chairman from among its members every other year. The Chairman's term of office shall expire once his/her connection with the institution he/she is representing comes to an end and the new chairman shall be selected in the first meeting following this. The Development Commission shall convene at least two times a year upon invitation of the chairman. In addition, the Commission shall be called to meeting by the chairman upon request of one fifth of the total member number. The Development Commission shall meet with a single majority of the total number of members and shall take decisions with the majority of the attendees. The Commission shall be liable to negotiate and evaluate the annual activity and internal audit reports of the Agency, and make proposals to the Board of Directors.

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