Kırklareli is a heaven on earth among Thracian provinces where the natural texture is best protected. The Longoz forests, the Istranca (Yıldız) Mountains, unpolluted farmland suitable for organic agriculture; The Thracian bee, the virgin coasts of the Black Sea are only a few of the unequaled assets of Kırklareli. Displaying similar characteristics to those of the Thrace average demographically, the climate of Kırklareli, different from Edirne and Tekirdağ, is close to the Black Sea climate and shows significant differences with its abundant natural resources. Those who think that the definition of Kırklareli in the headline is exaggerated will see that this phrase is correct after trekking into the Longoz forests and a wonderful lunch in a small village.

Besides its natural beauties, Kırklareli is one of the most important centers in history starting from the Thracians to the Ottomans. The ancient site in Vize town center, excavation of which is still underway (and which will be as assertive as at least Ephesus with its agora, amphitheater and streets), Demirköy where Fatih Sultan Mehmet had his most important guns, the cannons cast for conquest of Constantinople that commenced a new era, Dupnisa, the second largest cave in Turkey and ancient ruins around it make Kırklareli an important historical and cultural center. With its magnetic hill in Demirköy where your car will pass over a small hill by itself, unique areas where bird watching and nature photography are available and a wonderful sea, Kırklareli has a great tourism potential. More effective usage of the present potential is expected after awareness and promotion activities towards developing tourism in the province.

The most important sources of income for the people of Kırklareli are agriculture and husbandry. However, revenues from agriculture and husbandry are decreasing year by year; surface area of land per farmer is dropping and a great part of the farmers are drifting away from their land as they are unable to maintain their living on small plots of land.

Bringing agricultural products with high added value to Kırklareli may be a way out for the farmers. Among the other salient factors are particularly farmlands which are suitable for organic farming and a vast forest habitat as well as forest products.

Another significant feature which you may feel in Kırklareli city center and its towns is tranquility. This tranquility can even be disturbing for one who is used to daily life in Istanbul's chaos. Trying to make use of this feature, the town of Vize applied to be declared a "Cittaslow" town and its application was accepted.

The demography of Kırklareli displays typical characteristics of Thrace. Immigrants constitute the majority of this city where there a is large Romani population. Thracians whose warm-heartedness is visible at first sight and who love entertaining and loving are affectionate people, with their Turkish pronunciation omitting initial "h" sounds and use their own exclamations

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