Having been the capital city of many civilizations from the Ancient Greeks to the Romans and the Ottomans, Edirne, according to some historians, is also a strategic city that had faced many conquest attempts. It is also the birth place of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, conqueror of Constantinople.

Well, why is Edirne, where many civilizations had flourished and which had faced conquest threats of many countries, so precious? Along with being one of the compulsory geographical passages for migrating civilizations, Edirne is a center of attraction with its fertile farmland, water springs and other natural resources. Especially its partly living history and culture inherited from Ottoman Empire (most important evidence for this is the production of the foods used in the imperial cuisine, and grease wrestling which have been held since 1362) are elements that increase the value of Edirne.

Edirne is a city of tourism with its history and cultural assets, and also an agricultural city with its vast arable lands. Although there is only one OIZ in Edirne, rate of occupancy is very low there. Agriculture-based industry, especially food industry has a significant share in the city's industry.

Edirne has important touristic advantages. For example, Edirne is the most settlement that attracts the most tourists in the Region. It is a unique center of tourism with its border gates with Bulgaria and Greece, an old Ottoman capital city, the host of one of the oldest sports organizations in the world, that is Kırkpınar Grease Wrestling, and foods from the imperial palace kitchen. The elimination of fundamental problems such as still having unearthed places including the palace and the city's lower level of national and international promotion compared to its competitors will contribute significantly in developing the tourism potential of the city.

In Edirne there is a successful tourism application, namely the health museum which draws the greatest number of visitors in Turkey. It is a fact that Edirne has recently deserved a treatment similar to that making Istanbul a city of history and culture. Edirne has historical and cultural assets at least as important as those of Istanbul.

Agricultural production in Edirne resembles the average agriculture structure in Thrace. Wheat and sunflowers are among the most produced products. Besides these and different from the other two provinces, there is intensive rice cultivation around Ipsala and the vicinity which have wetland areas. There is a group of farmers in the town of Havsa and the surrounding area involved in fruit growing; however, the amount of fruit and vegetables produced in Thrace is less than 5% of the overall agricultural production. The fact that the agricultural and husbandry revenues constitute one third of the overall provincial revenues which is a relatively high rate emphasizes the importance of agriculture for Edirne.

As applicable in Thrace in general, Edirne is a province with a high population of immigrants from Greece and Bulgaria. Trakya University - the oldest university in the Region - adds a significant colorfulness to the demographic structure.

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